v1.14.6 – 13th September, 2023

  • Fixed: Additional ‘Published’ Alerts were being sent when no post changes were made in some circumstances.
  • Improved: Switched to the full select2 library for better compatibility.
  • Improved: Additional checks to ensure warnings don’t appear on non-public post types.

v1.14.5 – 7th September, 2023

  • Added: The form title is now available as part of the cn_form shortcode so it’s easier to determine which form has been added to the page.
  • Improved: Selecting “Autodetect Terms” will now select all taxonomy terms on a post when creating a subscription, not just the first one.
  • Fixed: An annoyingly persistant “Trying to access array offset on value of type bool” bug relating to media alerts.

v1.14.4 – 1st September, 2023

  • Fixed: Terms weren’t being saved with new subscriptions in some cases.
  • Fixed: An issue that prevented the Customizer from saving changes.
  • Fixed: The Show Message textarea in the Form Builder was too wide.
  • Fixed: A few PHP warnings about custom field supports and $_POST actions.

v1.14.3 – 10th July, 2023

  • Fixed: Re-instated the ‘Autodetect Term’ feature that wasn’t present in the Form Builder but was in the original shortcode. Details for this feature can be found in the Documentation.
  • Fixed: The cn-admin-bar.js file was being loaded even when the WP Admin Bar wasn’t visible.

v1.14.2 – 27th June, 2023

  • Fixed: An issue where the Subscription Options metabox was preventing post types from saving correctly.
  • Fixed: Choosing a post type with no taxonomies associated was still showing a ‘Choose Taxonomies’ field in the Form Builder.
  • Fixed: A PHP warning was showing on the Subscriptions > Settings > General screen.

v1.14.1 – 13th June, 2023

  • Fixed: An issue where setting the ‘Show Taxonomies’ field to false in the Form Builder was showing the default taxonomies instead.

v1.14 – 13th June, 2023

  • New: Form Builder! You can now build Content Notify forms directly in the WordPress Admin by going to Subscriptions > All Forms > Add New. I’d recommend everyone replace their existing shortcode-based forms with this new method for more functionality.
  • New: Forms built using the new Form Builder now submit without having to reload the page. Old forms will still reload the page as before.
  • New: When a form is built with the form builder, you can now choose to show a customised message, redirect to another page, or do nothing (for developers) after a form has been submitted.
  • New: You can now use multiple forms on the same page, providing they are all built using the new Form Builder.
  • New: If a single form, built using the form builder, is present on a page, a handy link will appear in the WP Admin Bar to allow direct access to editing that form.
  • New: Two developer functions are now available to use in the plugin: cn_get_user_subscriptions() and cn_check_existing_subscription().
  • Fixed: The ‘Re-send Verification Email’ link was showing on the ‘Add New Subscription’ screen before a subscription had been saved.
  • All documentation has been updated to cover the changes in this release.

v1.13 – 4th May, 2023

  • New: Content Notify is now fully integrated with WordPress’s built in Privacy Export and Privacy Erase functionality.
  • New: You can now remove all traces of the plugin on uninstall via a new setting found in Subscriptions > Settings > Misc.
  • New: Subscribers can now unsubscribe themselves from everything in a single click via a new ‘Unsubscribe All’ button on the My Subscriptions table.
  • Added: Admins can now verify an unverified subscription from the All Subscriptions screen.
  • Fixed: An issue that was only causing a single user alert to be sent out.
  • Tweaked: The layout of the My Subscriptions table could sometimes look too squashed.
  • May the 4th be with you!

v1.12.3 – 18th April, 2023

  • Fixed: A javascript error was preventing custom post types from loading correctly.
  • Fixed: The Subscription Options metabox was showing even when set not to.
  • Fixed: Uploading a plugin or theme file manually was showing an error.

v1.12.2 – 6th April, 2023

  • Added: IF/ELSE statement support based on alert type when customising the alert email template.
  • Fixed: Post types and author fields were not respecting the form shortcode parameters.

v1.12.1 – 23rd March, 2023

  • New: You can now access the $post object when overriding an email template for including anything else you may want in your emails, such as custom field data.

v1.12 – 21st March, 2023

  • New: Email Template Customisation! This is the first step in allowing better customisation of email templates. More features and support will come in subsequent releases. Full details can be found in the documentation.
  • New: Javascript event – you can now trigger javascript after taxonomies have loaded in the Content Notify form. This is useful for making these fields required. An example can be found in the documentation.
  • Fixed: A bug that prevented sending a re-verification email when editing a subscription from the WP Admin.

v1.11.1 – 3rd March, 2023

  • Fixed: An error occurred in certain conditions when the banned list option was empty.
  • Fixed: Deprecated notice when getting a list of authors.

v1.11 – 3rd March, 2023

  • New: You can now disable subscription verification via a new option in Subscriptions > Settings > Sending. This allows users to create subscriptions without having to verify their email address.
  • New: All Pause/Resume/Unsubscribe buttons in the table on the My Subscriptions page no longer require a page reload to function resulting in a slick user experience.
  • New: Users with a subscription that hasn’t yet been verified will now see a ‘Verify’ option instead of the ‘Pause’ option on the My Subscription page.
  • Re-added: The Subscription Options metabox that allowed you to prevent alerts from being sent for a post/page/custom post type is now back and works with the Block Editor. This was previously temporarily removed in the 1.9.2 release.
  • Changed: The functionality of the cn_feedback page has now been migrated to the My Subscriptions page providing for a much better user experience.
  • Improved: A message is now shown on the My Subscriptions page if a user isn’t logged in.
  • Improved: When creating a subscription in the WP Admin, the author select box now shows their name and their username in brackets for easier selection.
  • Improved: The Content Notify Subscription form now has much better validation and error handling with visual indicators if something isn’t right.
  • Improved: Better validation of plugin settings in the WordPress Admin.
  • Fixed: The ‘View Subscription’ button in the alert sent to the admin after a subscriber verifies their subscription sometimes didn’t contain a link.
  • Fixed: Clicking a link for a missing post/page/custom post type on the My Subscriptions page was taking the subscriber to an invalid page.

v1.10 – 6th February, 2023

  • New: Subscribers with a user account can now pause a subscription so that it won’t send out any alerts. Admins can do this for any subscription too by editing it.
  • New: You can now re-send a verification email to the subscriber from the WP Admin when editing a subscription.
  • New: ‘Verify’ and ‘Unverify’ subscriptions in bulk from the Bulk Edit menu on the Subscriptions > All Subscriptions screen.
  • New: You can now add names or email addresses to a list that prevents them from creating a subscription in Subscriptions > Settings > Security.
  • New: Choose a different email address where you want admin alerts to be sent.
  • New: An option to remove the ‘Subscription Options’ meta box from any post type is now available in Subscriptions > Settings > General.
  • New: Support for the Vehica theme.
  • Fixed: The featured image wasn’t appearing in alerts.

v1.9.3 – 20th January, 2023

  • Fixed: Forms weren’t showing when pages were created with the Block Editor.
  • Fixed: A PHP warning if the submit label had a space.

v1.9.2 – 11th January, 2023

  • Fixed: The alert that is sent to an Admin after a Subscription is verified was being sent to the Subscriber instead.
  • Temporarily Removed: The Subscription Options metabox was not preventing alerts from being sent out when used in combination with the Block Editor (or any REST API based action). This feature will be re-instated as soon as possible but for now, if you want to prevent alerts from being sent out and have these options available, please use the Classic Editor instead.
  • Improved: Subscriptions associated with a specific post will now show the old Post ID with a strikethrough in the Subscriptions > All Subscriptions screen if the post is ever deleted.
  • Improved: Restoring deleted Subscriptions from the Trash now re-instates them as ‘Verified’ Subscriptions and not ‘Draft’ Subscriptions.

v1.9.1 – 16th December, 2022

  • Fixed: A long standing bug where using the Block Editor would sometimes cause duplicate alerts to be sent.

v1.9 – 6th December, 2022

  • Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! This is likely to be the last big update to be released this year.
  • New: Allow new subscriptions for updates to a specific post. Just set the post ID in the Content Notify form post_id shortcode parameter. Full details in the documentation.
  • New: There’s a new metabox called ‘Subscription Options’ that appears on all post types. This allows you to stop alerts from sending out for a specific post just once, or always.
  • New: You can now customise the ‘Create Subscription’ text on the submit button at the bottom of a form using the new submit_label shortcode parameter. Full details in the documentation.
  • Improved: Support for a ‘single button’ form (which I’m calling a ‘Follow Button’). Details can be found here.
  • Improved: Verification/Alert/Admin emails now display more or less information depending on the complexity of the subscription.
  • Added: hCaptcha to the list of available CAPTCHA services.
  • Fixed: Some form fields weren’t being saved after form submission since the last update.
  • Fixed: Some shortcodes were rendering in the WP Admin.

v1.8 – 24th November, 2022

  • New: You can now add a Cloudflare Turnstile or Google reCAPTCHA v3 CAPTCHA field to your subscription forms by adding captcha="true" to your form shortcode.
  • New: If you’re seeing CSS conflicts after installing this plugin, there’s a new Bootstrap compatibility mode option in Subscriptions > Settings > Styling to change from Bootstrap 5 to Bootstrap 4 styles.
  • Improved: The form no longer shows empty fields, even if hidden using CSS, to prevent form tampering.
  • Fixed: Plugin styles were loading on pages where they shouldn’t in some circumstances.
  • Fixed: A PHP warning on the ‘My Subscriptions’ page.
  • All documentation has been updated to cover the changes in this release.

v1.7 – 17th November, 2022

  • New: You can now exclude individual terms from your subscription forms! This can be found in Subscriptions > Settings > General.
  • Improved: Compatibility with WordPress 6.0.
  • Improved: Compatibility with Bootstrap 5.2.
  • Fixed: The keyword search field, if used, contained an empty tag when editing an existing subscription in the WP Admin.
  • Updated: PHP 7.x is now considered end-of-life so the minimum version of PHP this plugin can use is PHP 7.4.

v1.6.3 – 27th September, 2022

  • Fixed: The taxonomies cn_form shortcode parameter was sometimes being ignored.
  • Fixed: Re-instated some javascript on page load for better compatibility with complex cn_form shortcodes.

v1.6.2 – 26th September, 2022

  • Improved: Slightly less javascript load when viewing a page with a cn_form shortcode on.
  • Improved: Loading of select2.
  • Fixed: The ‘Include Empty Terms’ setting in Subscriptions > Settings > General was being ignored.

v1.6.1 – 13th September, 2022

  • Improved: Better compatibility when using the cn_form shortcode in classic and block widgets.
  • Improved: Compatibility with Bootstrap 5.2.
  • Fixed: A fatal error occurred when using the plugin in conjunction with the Editor widget added by the SiteOrigin Widgets Bundle plugin.

v1.6 – 1st October, 2021

  • New: Keyword Search! You can now include a keyword search field by using the search="" shortcode parameter. Documentation can be found here.
  • Improved: AND/OR logic is now much more robust and should work better between multiple taxonomies and terms.
  • Improved: All strings inside javascript files in the plugin are now translatable.
  • Fixed: Elementor was triggering incorrect alerts when updating a post.
  • Fixed: The Block Editor/Gutenberg plugin wasn’t triggering alerts when publishing a new post.
  • Fixed: The ‘My Subscriptions’ page was being created for each plugin activation.
  • Fixed: The ‘View Subscription’ link in the email that’s sent to admins after new subscription wasn’t valid.
  • Fixed: A notice relating to deprecated array_key_exists when using PHP 7.4+.
  • All documentation has been updated to cover the changes in this release.

v1.5.1 – 10th May, 2021

  • Fixed: Uploading multiple image attachment via a front-end form would sometimes cause a fatal error.

v1.5 – 8th March, 2021

  • New: You can now choose between AND/OR logic so that alerts are only triggered if one taxonomy matches, or multiple taxonomies match.
  • New: Media updated/new media items can now be subscribed to.
  • Potentially Breaking Change: Many filters have been removed and added as options to Settings > General for ease of use instead.
  • Changed: Text on the Privacy Policy checkbox to be more compliant.
  • All documentation has been updated to cover the changes in this release.

v1.4.2 – 18th December, 2020

  • Fixed: The last name field was preventing the Content Notify form from submitting, even if set correctly.

v1.4.1 – 17th December, 2020

  • Added: Changelog link below the plugin in the All Plugins screen.
  • Fixed: Some translatable strings weren’t set correctly.
  • Fixed: CSS on the Select2 box when the WP Admin Bar was showing.
  • Fixed: Some minor issues with the styling/layout in email alerts.

v1.4 – 16th December, 2020

  • Please note: Content Notify now requires WordPress 5.6 and PHP 7.1.
  • New: A user can now register using just their email address – name no longer required. Just use user_names="false" in the cn_form shortcode.
  • New: You can now hide the privacy policy checkbox for logged in users using privacy_policy="false" in the the cn_form shortcode.
  • New: Option to send the site admin an alert when a subscription is verified.
  • New: Details of a subscription are now included in every alert.
  • New: If a post has a featured image, it will now show in an alert email.
  • New: Option to force the load of the plugin’s CSS/JS files to improve compatibility in certain situations.
  • Improved: A spinner has been added to show when taxonomies are loading.
  • Improved: Plugin CSS now loads more reliably in more situations.
  • Improved: The Content Notify form now has a maximum width set to avoid looking too wide.
  • Fixed: Fields that should have been hidden based on shortcode parameters were sometimes shown.
  • Fixed: My Listing theme was causing alerts to be sent out that didn’t exactly match subscriptions.
  • Fixed: Adding/editing content with the My Listing theme was causing multiple alerts to be sent.
  • Fixed: Adding/editing content with Elementor was causing multiple alerts to be sent.
  • Merry Christmas & Happy New Year. Thank you for using Content Notify.

v1.3.4 – 25th November, 2020

  • Added: Missing translatable strings to .pot file.

v1.3.3 – 23rd November, 2020

  • Added: A new filter for overriding whether the plugin’s CSS is loaded or not loaded.
  • Improved: Slightly better support for Elementor and Elementor Pro.

v1.3.2 – 19th November, 2020

  • Fixed: An issue where a fatal error could occur if using Elementor and widgets.
  • Fixed: An issue where the post title wasn’t showing as a link in emails.

v1.3.1 – 18th November, 2020

  • Fixed: An issue where automatic plugin updates for Content Notify weren’t showing correctly in the WordPress Admin.
  • Fixed: An issue where the plugin CSS wasn’t loading when a shortcode was used in a widget.

v1.3 – 13th November, 2020

  • New: ‘My Subscriptions’ page. Logged in users can now see a list of subscriptions that correspond to their email address, and unsubscribe from each one, when viewing a page with the new [cn_subscriptions] shortcode.
  • New: Subscribers can now see a list of subscriptions that correspond to their email address immediately after Unsubscribing from another subscription, and can unsubscribe from each one.
  • New: Author column added to the All Subscriptions screen in the WP Admin.
  • Improved: The first term of the first taxonomy associated with a post/page/custom post type can be auto selected and the field hidden by setting the shortcode parameter to ‘auto’.
  • Improved: Taxonomies can now be hidden when setting the taxonomies shortcode parameter to ‘false’.
  • Improved: User fields (First Name, Last Name, Email Address) can now be hidden when the user is logged in using the new user_fields shortcode parameter.
  • Improved: Subscribers can now be alerted of Published AND Updated post/pages/custom post types under a single subscription.
  • Improved: The plugin should now auto-update when new versions are released. You can enable or disable this behaviour in the WP Admin > Plugins screen.
  • Added: New filter for showing empty terms for a taxonomy.
  • Fixed: Content of newly published or updated posts/pages/custom post types that are password protected no longer show in emails.
  • Fixed: The Site Icon wasn’t showing in emails, if set, when no logo was set in the plugin settings.
  • Fixed: ‘Success’ messages are no longer persistently shown on pages, even after reloading the page.
  • Fixed: Translations weren’t appearing within the plugin.
  • All documentation has been updated to cover the changes in this release.

v1.2.1 – 16th October, 2020

  • Added: Compatibility with the ‘My Listing‘ theme.
  • Fixed: Fields were hidden when populated with a shortcode parameter with comma separated values.
  • Fixed: An issue where alerts shown after Content Notify form submission weren’t scrolled to on the page.
  • Fixed: Added some more checks around if a [cn_feedback] page already exists.
  • Fixed: Other various small fixes and improvements for new plugin installations.

v1.2 – 14th October, 2020

  • New: HTML Emails! Content Notify now sends emails in HTML by default with an option to send them in plain text if you’d prefer.
  • New: Sender Settings. Add your logo, business details, and other important information to emails to ensure emails are more legally compliant.
  • New: A page is now used to display verify / unsubscribe information after clicking a link in an email. You may need to create this page manually – please see this page for details.
  • New: Status shortcode parameter. Limit a Content Notify Subscription form to ‘publish’ or ‘update’ post statuses.
  • Improved: Where set, the post_types and authors shortcode parameters will now autodetect their settings and hide their fields.
  • Fixed: Not filling out the last name field was causing the Content Notify form to fail validation.
  • Fixed: Post types with multiple taxonomies were only showing the first taxonomy.
  • Fixed: A fatal error could occur if WordPress didn’t have a timezone set.
  • Fixed: Other various minor bugs.
  • All documentation has been updated to cover the changes in this release.

v1.1 – 17th September, 2020

  • New: Content Notify now adds Bootstrap classes and styling for a much improved Content Notify form layout and better compatibility with many, many themes.
  • New: You can now subscribe to new/updated items from a specific author. This new field can be disable by setting authors="false" on the shortcode.
  • New: Disable plugin CSS styles from the Subscriptions > Settings menu.
  • New: CSS and Javascript is only loaded on pages where the Content Notify form has been added.
  • New: The Content Notify Subscription form can now auto-detect the post type that it’s embedded on when setting post_types="auto" on the shortcode.
  • Fixed: Unused post statuses have now been removed and used post statuses have more accurate labels.
  • Fixed: A rare bug where the front-end Content Notify form failed validation when attempting to subscribe to alerts for a custom post type.
  • Fixed: Other various minor bugs.
  • All documentation has been updated to cover the changes in this release.

v1.0 – 14th August, 2020

  • Initial release.
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