v1.2.1 – 16th October, 2020

  • Added: Compatibility with the ‘My Listing‘ theme.
  • Fixed: Fields were hidden when populated with a shortcode parameter with comma separated values.
  • Fixed: An issue where alerts shown after form submission weren’t scrolled to on the page.
  • Fixed: Added some more checks around if a [cn_feedback] page already exists.
  • Fixed: Other various small fixes and improvements for new plugin installations.

v1.2 – 14th October, 2020

  • New: HTML Emails! Content Notify now sends emails in HTML by default with an option to send them in plain text if you’d prefer.
  • New: Sender Settings. Add your logo, business details, and other important information to emails to ensure emails are more legally compliant.
  • New: A page is now used to display verify / unsubscribe information after clicking a link in an email. You may need to create this page manually – please see this page for details.
  • New: Status shortcode parameter. Limit a Subscription form to ‘publish’ or ‘update’ post statuses.
  • Improved: Where set, the post_types and authors shortcode parameters will now autodetect their settings and hide their fields.
  • Fixed: Not filling out the last name field was causing the form to fail validation.
  • Fixed: Post types with multiple taxonomies were only showing the first taxonomy.
  • Fixed: A fatal error could occur if WordPress didn’t have a timezone set.
  • Fixed: Other various minor bugs.
  • All documentation has been updated to cover the changes in this release.

v1.1 – 17th September, 2020

  • New: Content Notify now adds Bootstrap classes and styling for a much improved form layout and better compatibility with many, many themes.
  • New: You can now subscribe to new/updated items from a specific author. This new field can be disable by setting authors=”false” on the shortcode.
  • New: Disable plugin CSS styles from the Subscriptions > Settings menu.
  • New: CSS and Javascript is only loaded on pages where the form has been added.
  • New: The Subscription form can now auto-detect the post type that it’s embedded on when setting post_types=”auto” on the shortcode.
  • Fixed: Unused post statuses have now been removed and used post statuses have more accurate labels.
  • Fixed: A rare bug where the front-end form failed validation when attempting to subscribe to alerts for a custom post type.
  • Fixed: Other various minor bugs.
  • All documentation has been updated to cover the changes in this release.

v1.0.0 – 14th August, 2020

  • Initial release.