Content Notify is a premium WordPress plugin that allows anyone to create their own email subscriptions, alerting them of newly published or updated content (posts/pages/custom post types) from your WordPress website. They can also limit their subscription to a specific category/tag/taxonomy should they wish. Emails look great as they’re nicely formatted using HTML.
This functionality is normally only found in a handful of WordPress themes. This plugin aims to expand on this functionality, and to make it available to use on any WordPress website.

Some example use cases are:

  • Allowing visitors to set-up an email subscription to alert them of new ‘Jobs’ (custom post type) posted under ‘Technology’ (custom taxonomy).
  • Allowing users to set-up an email subscription to alert them about new ‘Products’ that are added to a WooCommerce store.
  • Allowing only site users that are logged in, to create an email subscription to alert them of recently updated ‘Posts’ (default post type) that are tagged as ‘Members-only’ (default category).

How it Works

In a nutshell, the user journey can be described this way:

  • User sets up subscription by entering details in the Content Notify form.
  • This form is submitted and validated. Errors are shown if the form is invalid. The form is hidden and success message shown if valid.
  • Email is sent to user to verify their subscription.
  • User verifies their subscription via link in email. If set, the admin will receive an email about the new subscriber.
  • When the site is populated with something that matches the user’s subscription, an HTML email alert is sent to them.
  • User can unsubscribe via a link at the bottom of every alert associated with this subscription.

Please continue to read through the documentation to see how the plugin works and learn about its key features and functionality.

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