Content Notify aims to be as compliant with as many regulations as possible, including GDPR/GDPR+K, COPPA, LGPD, and CASL. That being said, no plugin, including Content Notify, can ensure total compliance for an entire website for these regulations.
Regardless, the plugin’s compliance currently extends to:

  • The user must accept the website’s privacy policy when setting up a new subscription.
  • The date of when the user verified their subscription is stored in the database and shown on the All Subscriptions screen.
  • A reply address is always set so that the user can contact the owner of the site that is sending out alerts.
  • A user can unsubscribe via a link at the bottom of every alert associated with that subscription.
  • Where added in Subscriptions > Settings > Sending, legal information, such as company name, registration, number, address, etc. is included at the bottom of every email sent using the plugin.

Better and more thorough compliancy with these regulations will come in future releases.

For more information on compliancy when sending emails, please refer to this helpful guide.