Custom Email Alerts

Users create custom email subscriptions, via a simple form, for any type of content that you permit. Users can:

  • Subscribe to anything new or updated - posts, page, products, movies, you name it.
  • Limit their subscription to any taxonomy - categories, tags, product categories, actors, etc.
6. New Messages

Subscription Management

Users and admins can manage subscriptions easily.

  • User's must verify their subscription before any email alerts are sent to them.
  • Can unsubscribe at any time via a link at the bottom of every email.

New Content = Email Alerts

Emails are sent to subscribed users when content is made available - Classic Editor, Gutenberg, WP REST API, and WP-CLI are all supported.

  • Emails are only sent to users with a verified subscription.
  • Only emails for content that matches a user's exact subscription are sent.
  • Emails are sent as nicely formatted HTML messages that look great.