Privacy Policy


This document is reviewed periodically to ensure the information contained is up-to-date.

This page is mostly related to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) within the EU however, it also applies to other, similar regulations around the world.
I believe it to be good practice to provide a unified experience and service to all users, worldwide. As such, I have carefully put together this document in an effort to make all information regarding data collection and usage as clear as possible.

When visiting this site, you can change your settings at any time here.

If you have a question regarding any of this at any time, please feel free to get in touch.

Why is this data collected?

All information is collected to:

  • Allow a user to purchase something from this website
  • Improve on products and / or services offered
  • Improve efficiency and likelihood of sales

What data is collected?

Account Registration and/or Product Purchase

This information is required when making a purchase. This data is stored on

  • Name
  • Email Address
  • Account Registration Date
  • Password, encrypted using an MD5 hash
  • IP Address
  • Address, where provided
  • Tax information, such as VAT number
  • Payment gateway(s) used and associated transaction IDs
  • Purchased Products and associated order numbers, license keys, actively licensed sites
  • Subscription Information and associated costs, terms, statuses, dates and times, notification opt-in preferences, discount codes used
  • The last 4-digits of the card used for payment
  • Recent Payments
  • Download files and dates and times along with accompanying IP address
  • Mailing List opt-in preference
  • On-site browsing history

In addition to some of the items from the above list, this additional information is stored only at the payment gateway:

  • Associated transaction ID, fee, card type, card country of origin, card expiry date, card verification status, risk level

Contact Forms

Getting in touch via a contact form requires that any submitted data is stored on Some information is then transmitted via email to both myself and the submitter. The information collected can vary depending on what form fields are populated. Any user submitted information is, at the very least, accompanied by the following:

  • Name
  • Email Address
  • IP Address
  • Enquiry Type

Mailing List

All mailing list subscriptions are optional and can be opted in or out of at any time. Users are not opted-in unless they give permission to be. In addition to some of the items from the above lists, this additional information is stored only at Mailchimp:

  • Gender
  • Age Range
  • List Subscription Date and Time
  • Location (City, Locale, Country)
  • Time zone
  • Signup source
  • Favourite Email Client
  • Campaign Activity (opens, clicks)
  • Associated order details from any product purchases

Information I don’t Collect:

  • Payment card numbers, except for the last 4-digits

Where is this data stored?

All data, where a service I use provides me with the ability to specify, is stored in the EU.

I would like a copy of my data, how can I request it?

To request a copy of any data I have stored on you, please get in touch, choosing ‘GDPR’ as the reason for contact. Any request may take up to a month to process. You will be asked to verify your identity prior to any copy being sent.

I don’t want you to store my data, how can I request it be deleted?

To request any data I have stored on you be deleted please get in touch, choosing ‘GDPR’ as the reason for contact. Any request may take up to a month to process. You will be asked to verify your identity prior to any data being deleted. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to provide updates, any level of support, or refunds for purchased products should you wish for your information to be deleted. You may also not be able to use any purchased products properly, as they require an account for updates to show in the WordPress Admin of any actively used sites. Should you purchase any product in the future, your information will begin to be collected again. In this situation, you may wish to get in touch to have your data deleted again, if needed.

I don’t want you to sell my data

I do not sell any data or personal information.

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