Content Notify 1.12

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Content Notify 1.12 was recently released and with it came a highly requested feature – email customisation.
This wasn’t a big release but it should add a framework for better customisation moving forward.

Email Customisation

This, along with a handful of other features that will come in the next few versions of Content Notify, are the initial offerings that will see large improvements over time, both in terms of usability and functionality.
The first version of Email Customisation comes in the form of a template file which can be overridden by copying it from the templates folder inside the plugin to a cn-templates folder inside of your theme. Once there, you can customise the HTML and PHP of the template with ease.
It works, and works really well but it’s not particularly pretty yet and requires some development (or hiring a developer) to get the most out of it. This will improve in time but for now, it’s a fairly robust solution.

There are a number of PHP variables you can use in the email template too, all of which are covered in the documentation. Access to the $post object is particularly useful though, as it allows retrieval of more information to include in the email templates, such as custom fields on the post that the email alert is being sent out for. Handy!

Javascript Event

A new javascript event has been added which can be used to change certain aspects of the form, or reload the select2 library on certain fields. It’s a small change but a handy and welcome one.
Full details in the documentation can be found here.

Content Notify 1.12 will be a larger maintenance release. Until next time!

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