My Subscriptions Page


When the Content Notify plugin is activated, a new page called ‘My Subscriptions’ is created and the [cn_subscriptions] shortcode is added to it. This is then set in Subscriptions > Settings > General > My Subscriptions Page. This is only done if the page doesn’t already exist.

The My Subscriptions Page in Content Notify, showing two Subscriptions in a table.

List of Subscriptions

You can add this shortcode to any page to show a logged in user a list of their subscriptions, but for Content Notify to know where to redirect any Verify or Unsubscribe links at the bottom of an email sent by the plugin, the page with this shortcode needs to be set in Subscriptions > Settings > General > My Subscriptions Page.

After a subscriber unsubscribes and is redirected to the above My Subscriptions page, a list of any other subscriptions that match the subscriber’s email address is shown in a table. This allows a subscriber to unsubscribe from any other subscription(s) at this point, without having to log in, in accordance with CAN-SPAM regulations.

This list will show all the relevant information that should help a subscriber identify their subscriptions and to Unsubscribe from each one, or all of them at once, if desired.

If the subscriber has a WordPress user account, they can also pause and resume subscriptions themselves from this page.

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