Subscription Admin


When viewing the the User Subscriptions > All Subscriptions screen, you’ll see a list of all user subscriptions that have been created, whether this be set-up by the user or by the admin.


On this screen you can see some key information, namely:

  • The email address, and first and last name of the subscriber.
  • The post type or post/page/custom post type that they want to be alerted about.
  • The post status for when they wish to be alerted.
  • The post author for who they wish to be alerted about.
  • The categories/tags/custom taxonomies that they wish to be alerted about.
  • What keywords the subscriber wished to be alerted about.
  • When the subscriber completed a Content Notify subscription form.
  • When the their subscription was verified.

Sorting Columns

The following columns are sortable:

  • Email Address
  • Notify When
  • Is / Are
  • Subscribed On
  • Subscription Verified
  • Verified On
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