This screen is where you enter your licence key for the plugin. Your licence key can be found in your original purchase email, or in My Account.

cn settings licence


This page allows you to select the page that contains the [cn_feedback] shortcode. Any Verify or Unsubscribe links at the bottom of emails are redirected to this page.

cn settings general


Anything to do with styling the plugin can be found on this screen.

Disable CSS Styles

If you wish to disable the default, built-in CSS stylesheet that comes with Content Notify and includes a small subset of Bootstrap features, tick the checkbox that says ‘Check this to disable all included CSS styling added by Content Notify’.
This is useful if your theme already uses Bootstrap styles (many do) and you don’t need to load them again in Content Notify.

Load CSS/JS on all Pages

If your site is using Content Notify in a pop-up or modal, you may need to check this option in order to ensure the necessary plugin javascript and CSS is loaded correctly. This option also helps if your site is overriding or causing issues with the subscription form. This option overrides the ‘Disable CSS Styles’ checkbox.

cn settings styling


This page allows you to add and legal information pertaining to your business that should displayed in every email send by Content Notify. Filling this page out in full will help to improve legal compliancy in your emails, in relation to laws such as GDPR/COPPA/LGPD/CASL, etc.

Plain Text Emails

Additionally, if you’d like to send all emails from Content Notify in Plain Text as opposed to HTML, you can do that via the option on this page.

Admin Alert for New Subscribers

If you’d like the main site admin to be alerted when a subscriber verifies their subscription, tick the ‘Send an alert to the Site Admin when someone verifies their subscription.’ checkbox.

cn settings sending